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The Pod črto project (in Eng., ‘The Bottom Line’) is Slovenian independent and non-profit media outlet focusing on investigative reporting, data journalism and in-depth stories. We founded Pod črto in September 2014. The team behind the project believes in the power of investigative stories and the importance of journalism in the public interest.

We are covering a broad spectrum of topics including economic development and entrepreneurship, social and environmental issues. Our mission is to comprehensively explain the pressing issues in our society, as well as finding the ways to address and resolve them.

(Changes for the better.)

Samples of our work:

In March 2015 the Nieman Foundation from Harvard University included Pod črto in the Nieman Reports as the only media for investigative journalism in Slovenia. In May 2015 Shuttleworth Foundation supported our work with their Flash Grant.

It is in accordance with out philosophy that we do not charge the users for access to our content. Our work is therefore funded with donations from our readers, supporters and grants. Consider supporting our work with donation:

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Our projects include in-depth analysis of the prevalence and reasons for violent crime in Slovenia, uncovering corruption among Slovenia’s mayors and investigating fraud, mismanagement of European funds, illegal gathering of personal information by Slovenian police (last story), environmental issues, systematic analysis of health system and poverty in Slovenia.

Team behind the project:

  • Anže Boštic, founder and investigative journalist
  • Taja Topolovec, founder, director and acting editor-in-chief
  • Lenart J. Kučić, journalist
  • Ana Gabrovec, fundraising
  • Luna J. Šribar, administration and office management
  • Metod Blejec, design
  • Ana Bogataj, proofreading
  • Andrej Čremožnik, web development and maintenance

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podcrto.si is published by a non-profit institute Pod črto, zavod za ustvarjanje kakovostnega novinarstva, Tehnološki park 20, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU).

podcrto.si is a registered media entity in the media registry of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia under the file number 1907.

Foundations supporting us:

Shuttleworth Funded

Taja Topolovec (co-founder and CEO of Pod črto) received Flash Grant awarded by Shuttleworth foundation in May 2015. Read our report.

Basic CMYK

Anže Voh Boštic (co-founder and editor-in-chief of Podčrto) received in a year-long grant awarded by Open Society Foundations in December 2015.



Pod črto is a member of Global Investigative Journalism Network.

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