Flash Grant by Shuttleworth foundation: Report

As a co-founder of the investigative media Pod črto I have been awarded the Flash Grant (in the amount of 5.000 $) by the Shuttleworth Foundation in May 2015.

First of all, the grant was an important recognition of our work. And, furthermore, it helped us to take our project to the next level (new strategy for 2016, larger team, additional topics we cover, larger audience, more impact …).

I used the grant for:

  • development of the strategy for the Pod črto project until 2019,
  • next round of found-rising activities for our investigative work in 2016,
  • development of the crowd-founding campaign #SupportPodCrto in November 2015,
  • re-design of our web-presence focused on better exposition of our complex storytelling and use of #OpenData in journalism (launch of the new website: May 2016),
  • organization of the event in November where we shared with the audience and our readers the background of our work.

It is in accordance with our mission at Pod črto that we work openly and present the results of our work and accomplishments regularly in the monthly reports.

As the co-founder and CEO of Pod črto I shared my know-how about building the independent media from scratch, crowd-founding in journalism, information in public interest, open data and new media models at many events, round-tables and in interviews as well (e. g. MMC RTV Slovenija, podcast Apparatus …).

Thank you for your support,

Taja Topolovec,

co-founder / CEO of Pod črto Investigative media



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